Hataka Us Army Paint Set


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Hataka Us Army Paint Set

Standard colours of US Army vehicles from mid-1970s till mid-1980s

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):

HTK-A016 – Dark Green – FS34079, MERDC Forrest Green, used in Winter, Summer and Tropical Verdant and Snow with Trees MERDC variants

HTK-A209 – Field Drab – FS30118, MERDC Field Drab, used in Winter Verdant, Snow with Open Terrain and Grey Desert MERDC variants

HTK-A210 – Sand Brown – FS30277, MERDC Sand, used in all US MERDC camouflage variants except for Tropical Verdant pattern

HTK-A041 – Night Black – FS37038, MERDC Black, used in all variants of MERDC standard camouflage scheme of US armoured vehicles

HTK-A211 – Interior Green – FS34151, MERDC Light Green, used in Summer and Tropical Verdant variants of US MERDC camouflage

HTK-A021 – Medium Green – FS34102, MERDC Dark Green, used in Tropical Verdant variant of US MERDC camouflage scheme

HTK-A212 – Earth Yellow – FS30257, MERDC Earth Yellow, used in Grey Desert and Red Desert variants of US MERDC camouflage

HTK-A213 – Earth Red – FS30117, MERDC Earth Red, used in Red Desert variant of US Army MERDC standard camouflage scheme

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