Hataka Corrosion And Rust Weathering Paint Set


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Hataka Corrosion And Rust Weathering Paint Set

Advanced colour system for realistic corrosion & rust technique

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):

HTK-A130 – Brown (old) rust

HTK-A131 – Red (old) rust

HTK-A132 – Base rust

HTK-A133 – Orange (fresh) rust

HTK-A134 – Ochre (light) rust

HTK-A135 – Yellow (light) rust

Careful selection of paints included in this weathering effects set allows for achieving the following realistic corrosion and rust effects on metal-imitating elements of every scale model: natural rust effect (surface or point), rusty stains or streaks, multi-layer chipping of paint of different size and depth, etc. Depending on the desired effect, various tones of rust are available – from old (dark brown and red brown) rust, through base tone, to fresh rust and two light rust colours for streaks and stains. Combinations of the above paints should always be used for maximum result.

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