Javis Spring Green Rough Terrain Mat


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Javis Spring Green Rough Terrain Mat

Javis rough terrain grass matts are ideal for covering those tricky areas on your model landscape. Simply tear of the amount you need, and using a wet sponge, moisten both surfaces, put the piece of terrain mat in place and press down lightly with the sponge.

Excellent for creating model railway scenes, modelling dioramas or war gaming landscapes.


  • Easily applied with a wet sponge
  • Can be applied to Plaster, Wood, Cork Sheet, Card, paper mache, foam terrains, all types of ballast materials
  • Can be laid on each other to achieve natural effects
  • Ideal for use on Javis scenery maker
  • Can be applies in small pieces as tufts and strips pf grass or large pieces as field effects
  • Easily Torn to produce feathered edging
  • Supplied with resealable bag for unused material
  • Sheet size approx 380mm x 165mm
  • Available in three seasons colours, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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