AK Interactive Splittermuster Uniform Colours Paint Set


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AK Interactive Splittermuster Uniform Colours Paint Set

This set has been specially formulated for painting figures dressed with the Splittermuster type camouflage uniform. These uniforms were used by soldiers of the regular army (Wehrmacht), paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger) and troops who served in other branches of the military. Splittermuster was the standard camouflage of the German army in WWII.

This set contains:
AK3041 Splittermuster Base.
AK3042 Splittermuster Brown Spots.
AK3043 Splittermuster Green Spots.
AK3044 Splittermuster Rainmarks.
AK3045 Splittermuster Light Shade.
AK3046 Splittermuster Shadow Shade.

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